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FLOC members and BOD


Our mission is to support the professional growth of member attorneys and affiliates, advance the local administration of justice, serve the community by improving access to the legal system, and provide opportunities to promote diversity in the legal profession.
FLOC celebrates and supports the ethnic and cultural diversity of Filipino-American Communities.



FLOC is committed to mentoring the next generation of lawyers. 


Each mentorship will be different. Some mentors can be career coaches, cheerleaders, advisors, or even sponsors. FLOC advocates helping mentees advance their careers and build connections.


In a field that experiences high-pressure situations, a strong network among legal professionals is crucial.

Business and professional networking are indispensable for your career.

Establish friendships and a robust network at FLOC for a successful and impactful legal career.


By offering assistance, sharing insights, and providing encouragement, FLOC members contribute to each other's success.

This support system fosters a positive professional culture and enhances the overall effectiveness of your legal career.


FLOC believes that the key to a great experience with our organization is connection.


Building lifelong friendships, cultivating professional camaraderie, and maintaining a strong legal community is crucial to our profession.

We at FLOC look forward to you becoming part of our community.




FLOC to me is not just cheering someone on the sidelines but actually making an effort to open doors, to connecting law students with seasoned lawyers in order to learn new skills and insights, and to build strong genuine relationships.

Ace Aldana

Founding Member

Law books

From the get-go, FLOC has always been friendly and welcoming. I joined the FLOC Board as a student and it quickly opened doors with opportunities for me. It allowed me to be involved in the legal community, attend galas and other networking events, and most of all, meet and connect with prominent attorneys in their respective fields. It was such a relief to meet so many Fil-Am lawyers who quickly became my Ate's/Kuya's/Mentors who are so supportive! They provided advice based on their life experiences and linked me to folks that helped guide me to where I am today. I am grateful


Law Student


Being a member of FLOC as a law student has been so impactful on me thus far. I was so happy to find more Filipino lawyers so early in my career. My Filipina identity is central to my goals as a law student and future attorney, and FLOC has become a source of inspiration and support for me


Law Student

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