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Overcoming Barriers Series Launch:

Congratulations on a very successful presentation of Overcoming Barriers Part I. We had one of the biggest turnouts of a FLOC sponsored event. Guest speakers, Laurie Rose Lubiano (IP and Product Counsel at The Climate Corporation in San Francisco), Eric C. de los Santos (Associate General Counsel, Labor and Employment at Facebook), and Christina Zabat-Fran (Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at St. John Knits) provided us with important insight on how they were able to successfully maneuver themselves in high ranking positions in big name companies. President – Elect Elsie Secoquian did an amazing job of moderating and keeping the momentum going as each speaker took turns discussing their experiences in as in-house counsel.

Thank you to our generous sponsors FALSD, OCHBA, OCKABA, OCLBA, NAPABA, NFALA, PABA, and TABA!

Please keep your eyes open for Overcoming Barriers Part Two (tentatively scheduled for April 29, 2021) where minority partners and solo practitioners discuss their paths to the top, followed later by Overcoming Barriers Part Three (to be de where minority attorneys in the public sector will share their secrets to success.

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